Learn some Computer Basics for beginner

Learn the basics of Computers like what a computer is and its functions, ms word, ms PowerPoint, basics part of the computer, including the monitor and many things.

Introduction to Computer:-

  1. Introduction to Computer (click here)
  2. How to change the date and time of our System (Click here)
  3. How to change the mouse setting (Click here)
  4. Computer Ethics, Crime and Security (Click here)

MS Word:-

  1. Introduction to MS Word (click here)
  2. Inserting picture/clip Art – MS Word (click here)
  3. Border and Sharing – MS Word (click here)
  4. Header and Footers – MS Word (click here)
  5. Mail Merge – MS Word (click here)

MS PowerPoint:-

  1. Introduction to MS PowerPoint (click here)
  2. Uses of Presentations – MS PowerPoint (click here)
  3. Starting Auto content wizard – MS PowerPoint (click here)
  4. PowerPoint Views – MS PowerPoint (click here)
  5. Creating a Presentation Using a Template – PowerPoint (click here)
  6. Creating a Blank Presentation – PowerPoint (click here)
  7. Create a New Slide – PowerPoint (click here)
  8. Inserting a New Slide – PowerPoint (click here)
  9. Displaying the Slides – PowerPoint (click here)
  10. Closing a Presentation – PowerPoint (click here)

Credit: Photo by Stanley Dai on Unsplash

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